Thursday, October 20, 2011

Favorite cleaning products

New house has almost all hardwood floors.

This means some serious mopping.

Mr. recognized the problem and bought me this:

It's a Shark.
The deluxe one.
Complete with 3 settings.
I love it.

My floors are clean,
and my favorite: germ free.

Oh, you think that doesn't matter.

Have you ever had your toilet overflow...

Trust me,
it gives great comfort to have a sanitized floor.
I sleep better at night.

I am also in love with this:

It is not the Swiffer kind.
I love the Swiffer for floors.
But not for dust.  

These are much better.

But harder to come by.
I found some at Lowe's in Cincinnati.

I cleaned them out!

SO, if you live in Cincinnati,
and you want some too,
you'll have to wait until they re-stock.

I even bought one for a friend.
Then I dusted her house with it too.

Go get these things.
They will change your life.

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