Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One of THOSE days...

See this:

70% chocolate.
For SERIOUS needs.

Like today.

1. I was up too late watching the Jets game.
(I just lied there, Mr. was watching the game, I was knitting).

2.  The train picks MR. up at 6:04AM.  SHARP!
5:30 came early today.
So I stayed in bed until 5:40.
Now I am running 10 minutes late all day.

3. I was so relieved to get the sisters off to school that I made the mistake of sitting down,
to pen a Halloween greeting to a friend.
Phone rings:  Sister Too forgot her glasses.
Can I bring them to school?

Of course!  I haven't brushed my hair or teeth, 
and am wearing a ratty sweatshirt 
with egg on it,
 from making hot breakfast this morning.

4.  I ask her to wait outside school so I can just toss the glasses out the window,
thereby not showing my fashion choices for the day.

I must take them inside.

5.  While in the office dropping off the glasses,
Sister is desperate to call me.

Turns out, she has forgotten her swim bag.
Away meet today.
Early release to bus to the event.
Swim bag must be delivered to school by 2PM.

6. My library books are due.
7. Still tired.
8.  Haven't had time for my date with George (the coffee maker).
9.  Did I tell you I am tired?

10.  I need some chocolate.
For medicinal purposes.
You understand.

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