Friday, September 9, 2011

Bad day.

I decided to get my PA license.
Driving legally is a priority.

So, I gathered all the documents.
Because states trust each other's process so much,
each state requires that you prove you are a proper citizen.
All over.
From scratch.

I played a great game of scavenger hunt, 
got dressed,
combed my hair!
and even put on some lip gloss
(so I could look less like a criminal 
in the photo),
and I drove to another town to get my license.

I noticed the sings all over that said they don't take cash.

After waiting for some time, 
I asked if they took credit cards. 
I mean, it's 2011, and who doesn't take a credit card?
PA DMV, that's who.

And, it turns out I forgot one important document:
either my passport,
or, my birth certificate and marriage license.

So back homeI went.
And back to the DMV, where, after a 1 hour wait,
I was issued a TEMPORARY license.

They are running my photo through a facial recognition program.
To be sure that I am not a criminal.

I guess we don't allow criminal elements in PA.

Of course,that wasn't enough to give me a bad day.

I'm tougher than that.

 First, the car I planned to drive wouldn't start,
so I had to coast it downhill,
and park it two doors down
because that's how long the coasting took 
to get it in parking position.

All by myself.

I'm tougher than I look.

So, by 12:15PM,
the only things I had managed to do were get dressed
and get a TEMPORARY PA license.

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  1. Ohio BMV doesn't take cash either. The temporary license is silly, they go to extremes.