Wednesday, September 21, 2011


 The dining room of the new house
has NO light fixture.

The previous owners were in love with their fixtures.

That's fine.
I didn't care much for them.

I was out the other day and I spied 
this beauty:

I brought it home,
and the whole family protested.
They thought it looked like a bird cage.

They wanted something heavy and crystal.
But, we don't live that kind of stuffy life.

And, our furniture is rather traditional,
so, to mix it up,
like they do in France by showing
I suggested something less formal.

Two more trips to the lighting store,
and one Chick-fil-A peach shake bribe,
and THIS beauty came home.

You can see we like her better,
because she was actually installed.

And the good Lord said 
"Let there be light".

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