Friday, September 23, 2011

Things I learned...

I may have mentioned complained
that this house is DARK.
Like a cave.
So, we don't need a man-cave,
the house is like that.

A photo of the house as a refresher for y'all:

1. I wish I was clever and knew how to add text to my photos
so I could point out which windows go where.
But I'm not.

So, the lovely large window in the front is to the dining room
where I also have my desk 
(I am sitting there now).
It gets some nice light.

The room above is the nicest bedroom in the house.
It belongs to Sister Too.
Not sure how she got the room with the most light
and TWO closets,
but I guess that is what I get
when I leave Mr. in charge and galavant to Bay View for the move.

The microscopic dormer window, 
that's my bedroom.
There is a matching on the side of the house out of view.
It is DARK in that room.
Even if the windows are open.
Even if the lights are on.
It is the drawback of this house.

So, while at my new nook club,
filled with the smartest ladies in all of Pittsbrugh,
I inquired about Pittsburgh's fear of windows.

The bright ladies asked when my house was built (1941),
and began to give me a history of a steel town
in the 1940's 
with not so clean air, 
thus, windows were not so desirable then.

Actually, it isn't super great now.
But I desire me some windows.

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