Saturday, September 10, 2011

Funny story, at my expense

I saw this today and laughed:

"Never be nude in front of your husband. Otherwise, he won't buy you lunch."
-Arielle Dombasle, French singer & actress

Probably true at my house.  
Mr. hasn't taken me to lunch in AGES.

and now that we are down to only one full bath,
chances of seeing me nude have dramatically increased.

Here's another funny at my expense:

Playing the dutiful house frau, 
I was doing laundry int he basement laundry room.
When I returned to the main floor,
my heart began to beat VERY FAST 
because I heard someone walking in my house.

I walked cautiously upstairs, 
hollering out as I went,
but no one responded.

And yet, I could HEAR  walking!

Of course, 
I did wonder why my dog
wasn't barking incessantly 
like he does when I come in the door.

Imagine my relief when I noticed 
roofers dragging ladders around.
I smiled and waved (as though I expected them)
and consoled myself knowing that scheduling gutter cleaning
is just the thing MR. would efficiently do
and forget to tell me.

Presenting me with the bill,
Mr. Roofer informed me that we need a few gutter covers
and that should I purchase them, 
he would be glad to return and install them.

I happily paid his bill and off he went.
Then Mr. told me that he never scheduled the gutter cleaners.
I assumed the previous owners had a standing order they forgot to cancel.

Mr. and I directly commuted to Home Depot to purchase the gutter covers.

Today I decided I should call and make the appointment.
I found the bill I had paid sitting on Mr.'s desk.
It did not say our name on the bill.
Nor was it our address.

And, there is no contact information on the bill.

So, if you are the mystery hotter clueing company:
Please return and install the new gutter covers.

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