Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Sorry I've been absent.

My lip hurts.  
Here's the good news: 
It is just a cold sore, 
and it's finally healing.

Here's the bad news: 
There is a NEW one growing just beside the old one.
And it hurts like H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.

Must be the stress of relocating.

Or not winning the lottery.
Or sympathy stress for my friend who has had triplets.
Or sympathy stress for my friend who is going back to work full-time.
Or a terrible curse.

Even so, I ventured out last night
to my first drawing class.
(for grown-ups).

Here's my first drawing:

It's a little crock.
And it's my first one.

Here's my second one:

Already an improvement.
Starbucks cup
listing to the right.

And my third of the evening:

I think it's a BIG improvement,
It's a jar of paint.

So, now I'm off, to put my best lip forward.
It's really not my best lip, but it's huge and can't help but go first.
I need to clean up this house 
and make a rocking' dinner.

Mr.s cousin is coming to dinner
and I want to impress him with my mad wifely skills.
'Cuz I'm shallow like that.

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