Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mexican War Streets House Tour

So, when I heard about this area,
I was very curious.
However, the name is a bit of-putting.
I thought it was a crime-ridden drug bonanza.

History lesson:

In 1848 the neighborhood was laid out by William Robinson following the Mexican-American War. 

Robinson named the streets after Mexican-American War battles and generals.

I was WRONG (thankfully).
Brick townhouses and beautiful architecture abound,
and I wanted to see it.

The doors:

REAL gas lanterns.
I watched them flicker and wondered
about the cost of burning them.

The facades were full of charm.

I LOVED the mansard roofs here.

Mansard roofs were invented in France.
In 1783 there was a law forbidding buildings to be taller than 20 meters.
Te measurement went only to the cornice board,
making all floors contained in a mansard roof exempt.
Those clever French!

Tomorrow I'll show the lovely window boxes.


  1. It looks kinda like Newport does. I like the new header!

  2. It does look like Newport! Thanks for the feedback on the new look. It was looking pretty shabby for a while!