Friday, September 2, 2011


Mr. did most of the unpacking while I summered in Bay View.

He has been razzing me that I was 
on vacation
all summer.

I told him it doesn't count as a vacation
because I had to cook. 
And clean.
And do laundry.
(it really was a great vacation though)

So now I get the joy of the crappy unpack.
The house is functional 
but the garage is un-navigate-able
and all the shelves are empty.

Hurray for me, I recently found all those doo-hickeys 
that hold the shelves up.

While unpacking the china, I piled a shelf (made of glass) with china, 
then I noticed it wasn't sitting quite in the right spot. 
 I tried to nudge it into place, 
And the whole shelf broke,

and crashed all the china onto the shelf below, 
and in the process breaking some things. 


 I have ordered new thicker, tempered shelves 
 so I won't have the shatter problem again (hopefully).  

Boo for me! 
 I still have to try to find the replacement china but that will have to wait for another time.

My grammar check found the word shatter, 
and said it may not agree with the words around it. 
 I am here to tell you, that while it may not agree, it is the truth. 
 Those damn dishes and the shelf shattered.  
So there.

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